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Body Plastic Surgery Charleston SC

body plastic surgery charleston scBody plastic surgery and contouring procedures are becoming more popular every day.  One reason for this is the recent dramatic increase in the number of patients undergoing weight loss surgeries.

Generally, people are also becoming more concerned about diet, exercise and weight management. Following massive weight loss patients are often left with large amounts of redundant skin, causing moisture, rash and irritation in areas throughout their body.  While topical medications can have a temporary effect on these conditions, surgical resection of the redundant tissue is the definitive treatment.  It is important to remember that wound healing issues and scarring are result of body contouring.  It is unclear as to the cause, but patients who have had weight loss surgery tend to have more challenges with wound healing than patients who have not had weight loss surgery.  In order to remove the areas of redundant skin, incisions are necessary which leads to scarring.  For our body plastic surgery patients, we attempt to place the incisions in areas which hide the scar when possible, but ultimately patients are trading redundant skin and fat for scars, which most patients are happy to do.

Body Plastic Surgery Procedures Available to Charleston, SC Patients:

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) – Read more about the procedure used to reduce the excess skin of the upper arms.

Breast Reduction – Learn more about the procedure used to reduce breast tissue, to reduce neck/back pain, as well as combat hormonal changes (in men).

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – See before and after pictures and learn more about the tummy tuck surgery — used to reduce stomach fat, restore abdominal muscles, and improve body contours.

Panniculectomy – Although similar to tummy tucks — the panniculectomy procedure removed excess belly tissue but does not include plicating abdominal muscles or liposuction, read more here.

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty) – See images and learn more about thigh lifts, a procedure used to remove the excess fat and “lift” the upper thighs.

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Contact Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery using our online contact form, or call us directly at (843) 471-1135 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your potential body plastic surgery with experienced Charleston, SC plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Schimpf. Our clinic is conveniently located on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina. Our talented and experienced plastic surgery team will walk you through your breast reduction to make sure you feel comfortable and are happy with your cosmetic results! View more body cosmetic procedure images in our before and after gallery.